SOMA camp – it’s coming!

SOMA camp is a production of the Sonoma County Mycological Association – a club known hereabouts as “SOMA”.  Yes, not only does that mostly cover the initial letters of “Sonoma County Mycological Association” it’s also a reference to SOMA, the “divine mushroom of immortality”, as described in R. Gordon Wasson’s book.

SOMA camp is a great production. It’s on three-day Martin Luther King, Jr. day weekend, the next one is January 19-21, 2013. There are activities for all mycological interests:

  • Cultivation (i.e. growing mushrooms)
  • Cooking (i.e. picking and eating edible mushrooms)
  • Crafts (i.e. dyeing, papermaking, and other things)
  • Collecting (i.e. going on field trips to actually pick mushrooms)
  • Photography (i.e. taking pictures of mushrooms you’ve never seen before)
  • Identifying (i.e. all the different ways features of mushrooms are looked at)

It’s a great 3-day weekend. And if you’re interested in mushrooms, it’s even better!


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