Chickens help make beer


Making a batch of ESB, The chickens loved eating the spent mash. I set down the screening colander and they all gathered round and dug in like feathered pigs. They were funny to watch. They’d snarf down a bunch and then take a few steps away and stagger off a few feet or so. Then they’d turn and see their flock still eating and they’d walk back and chow down for some more. The lure of food was so strong. The sticky grains would stick to their beaks and they’d pick them off each other while eating.  I was a bit concerned that maybe I should take the ‘punch bowl’ away before they make themselves sick.  I’m not sure what nutritional value is left in these spent brewing grains. But I let it go and eventually they got their fill and wandered off elsewhere.

It’s now the next morning and they seem fine.

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